Queen of Sheba
650 10th Avenue
New York, NY, US, 10036

Restaurant Hours

Sunday thru Thursday 11:30AM - 11:30PM

Friday thru Saturday 11:30AM - 12:00AM

We offer Ethiopian Injera, a soft bread which is gluten-free and a perfect compliment to our dishes!

Beef Dishes

Bozena Shiro

Pieces of lean, marinated beef simmered in a traditional chickpea gravy.


Gomen Besiga

Marbled cuts of beef are slow-cooked in a mild onion sauce with chopped collard greens, garlic and a blend of alecha seasonings.


Gored Gored

Morsel cuts of beef, marinated in hot berbere-butter and minute rolled over a hot skillet.



Extra lean cuts of prime beef are finely chopped and soaked in basil, clarified butter and mitmita. Served with a mashed Ethiopian feta cheese and collard greens.


Menchet Abesh Wot

Lean beef ground and cooked in mild green pepper sauce, red wine and jalapeno; seasoned with ginger and garlic.


Quanta Firfir

Seasoned Ethiopian beef jerky, cooked in a hot kibe sauce and tossed with shreds of injera.


Tibs Wot

Diced lean beef seared on a hot skillet, then slow cooked in a hot berbere stew.


Zilzil Tibs

Crisscross-cut chain of beef, marinated in awaze, olive oil, and red wine, then stir fried with onions.


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  • Delivery Area Coverage

    We deliver between 34th and 57th Streets (North to South) and between the West Side Highway & 6th Avenue (East to West).